The natural & science-backed tools to boost your health as you age

Soar into a new life chapter with a health plan that fits into your busy life

Stop crawling your way through hormonal hell

Reconnect with your body and reclaim your moods, stamina & excitement for life

Working with me as your naturopathic doctor means we’ll focus on how you’re feeling both emotionally and physically so you can start feeling like your strong self again. We’ll look closely at your entire health & lifestyle to identify the struggles you’re having, what we can change to fix it, and identify what’s at risk if we don’t act now.

Helping women entering perimenopause + beyond in Niagara and virtually across Ontario

Level the hormonal playing field so you can get back into the game

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The Lifestyle Blueprint

The Lifestyle Blueprint is for the committed woman who’s ready to take back her health and start feeling in control.

Hormone & Thyroid Replacement Therapy

If we’ve identified that your body needs a bit more support, we’ll look at medication to help with:

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IV Vitamin Therapy

An effective infusion packed with vitamins and minerals for those wanting to improve their current health plan and especially helpful for those who struggle to absorb oral supplements and vitamins.


A non-hormonal approach to help you with

Digging deep to identify & treat the underlying causes

The Approach


Assessment & Evaluation

Understand your symptoms

✓  Detailed medical history

✓ Review of your nutrition and lifestyle habits

✓ Blood work/lab testing


Sustainable Care Plan

Design your health plan

✓ Initial action plan for foundational health

✓ Review your test results

✓ Individual blueprint review


Ongoing support

Take sustainable action

✓  Treatments such as vitamin supplementation and hormone therapy

✓  Diet and nutrition changes

✓  Exercise and lifestyle recommendation