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Take back the woman you know you’re meant to be—stronger and happier than ever.


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Confidently soar through menopause with a lifestyle plan designed for you and gain more:

Energy + motivation

to purposely take on each new day

Comfort + confidence

to make your body your healthy home

Stability + balance

to feel in control of your moods

You’ve hit that age and it feels like there’s no going back.

Unpredictable periods, disrupted sleep, inexplicable weight gain, and dysregulated moods are holding you hostage—feeling like a stranger in your own body.

You’re entering your 40’s and your sleep, work, appetite and sense of wellbeing are disrupted. You don’t know what’s going on, and consultations and blood work have all come back “normal”. But what you’re experiencing is anything BUT normal.

You’re more than just your symptoms

Conventional approaches to women’s health often minimize your experiences and offer few solutions. I want you to have a health plan that addresses the whole YOU so that you can get off of the hormonal rollercoaster and feel like yourself again.

Move past endless Googling and get a personalized plan

With the right balance of scientific evidence and whole-health analysis, we can figure out what’s going on and tailor a sustainable, preventative lifestyle plan that works for you.

Here’s how Dr. Lisa ND can help

You’ve come too far in life to put your health on hold

virtual & in-person therapies & support


Personalized Lifestyle Blueprint


Personalized Lifestyle Blueprint

Science-backed medication and bioidentical hormones to help address common women’s health issues like:

non-hormonal services in the Niagara region



Helps you tackle:


coming soon

IV Vitamin Therapy

A rapid, effective infusion packed with vitamins and minerals which helps:

Wondering if this is for you? Let’s see if any of these sound familiar:

What if instead you experienced:

Redefine ‘normal’ and enjoy a healthier, stronger tomorrow.

Hi, I’m Dr. Lisa Maddalena ND, NCMP

naturopathic doctor


I spent decades trying to figure out my undiagnosed discomfort and symptoms. No combination of medications, dietary restrictions, weight management programs, poking, prodding and scopes could fix the issues. Then I stumbled on a naturopath keynote speaker when I realized there are other approaches to alleviate my pain.

My Masters in Nutritional Sciences and special interest in clinical nutrition has led me to focus on the sneaky symptoms of perimenopause, menopause and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Working closely with my patients, I identify hormone imbalances and help women bring their bodies back into balance and harmony.

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